Competitive Prices

At MuscleMovement our pricing is competitive and structured to suit the requirements of each client.  This ensures your massage is tailored to reflect your needs.

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  • 30min Sports Massage Susan $40

    This session length is designed to focus on a specific muscle group, i.e. the calves or an area i.e. all of the back. Book this session if you have limited time but need a targeted area worked.

  • 45min Sports Massage Susan $60

    Great for targeting specific areas of concern in more detail. This length of session allows postural or movement analysis to direct treatment. Or, this option also allows for a general leg or upper body massage.

  • 60min Sports Massage Susan $80

    An option that allows, as part of a general whole body session, some specific work to areas of concern. You may be experiencing pain on the outside of your knee. This session can address contributing factors.

  • 75min Sports Massage Susan $100

    If necessary, this choice provides additional time for evaluating postural irregularities through focused manual therapy on the affected regions. Alternatively, if you simply desire more than an hour to alleviate tense or sore muscles, this is an excellent option.

  • 90min Sports Massage Susan $120

    In this option time is on your side. If you have an area of concern we can assess your posture for contributing factors and then target our session based on postural findings. Or if you just want to indulge yourself this will allow a thorough hands-on session