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MuscleMovement, located in Panmure, Auckland, specialises in providing sports massage for athletes of all abilities. As an adjunct to hands-on treatment we also analyse movement and diagnose postural imbalances.

Susan & Mayumi are members of Massage NZ. Susan is also a member of Sports Medicine NZ.



Exercises not only support the benefits of massage but they provide a balanced approach to long term outcomes.  At MuscleMovement our philosophy is to provide long term solutions to movement impairments. Here we provide a sample of key postural exercises.  They are a foundation so your body can better manage the more complex movement demands of sport.

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We understand the physical demands participating in sport can place on the body. We care about helping athletes remain injury free.  We also understand injuries occur and work with the athlete to get them active as soon as possible.

With over 20 years’ experience in sports massage we have extensive knowledge that can help you.

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At MuscleMovment we know the demands sport can place on the body.  Without maintaining a healthy balance of the muscles that operate on a joint, the repetitive nature of training can lead to injury.

In the hands of our experienced therapists, your body is assisted to maintain that muscle balance.  We will work with you to guide and direct you so you can reach your sporting goals without the frustration of injury.