Competitive Prices

At MuscleMovement our pricing is structured to suit the requirements of each client. This ensures your massage is tailored to reflect your needs.
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  • Maintenance massage - $60

    A brief consultation to establish needs, followed by 50 minutes of hands-on treatment. Sports massage is injury prevention. When scheduled as a weekly or fortnightly treatment this hits that target. It aids in maintaining ideal joint alignment.

  • Treatment Massage - $70

    You would choose this option if you have new, ongoing or re-occurring pain or discomfort. For instance, you have pain on the outside of your knee when running. Using postural analysis & hands-on therapy this treatment focuses on finding the cause of your symptoms. With this approach you will have less time off training or you may be able to continue training.

  • Treatment,massage and exercises - $80

    A 30-minute consultation which includes range of motion, length, strength tests, postural alignment observations and orthopaedic tests. We discuss the results of the tests and you are given rehab exercises via the PT momentum application, movement pattern recommendations and follow up to keep you on track